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Children with autism and related disorders exhibit deficits in social-communication skills such as language, imitation, emotion sharing, play, and social interaction skills. In addition, they also may have some associated behavioral difficulties such as aggression, severe tantrums, difficulty with transitions, self-stimulatory behavior and may exhibit delayed cognitive or self-help skills. When a child has a confirmed or possible diagnosis of autism, the family plays an especially key role in their child’s treatment program. We work together with families to support their child’s social-communication, behavioral and emotional growth.

At Speak Easy Solutions, LLC. we provide state-of-the-art intervention for children with autism and related disorders. Our therapists rely on the latest scientific research in designing treatment programs for children and their families. The goal of our autism intervention services is to increase social-communication skills and address related behavioral challenges in children with autism and related disorders. This program is built on an interdisciplinary model including professionals from the fields of speech-language pathology, behavioral/developmental therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy with a specialty in working with children with autism and their families.