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Gross Motor Milestones

Gross Motor Milestones

  • Walks along
  • Pulls toys behind him/her while walking
  • Carries larg toy and several toys while walking
  • Begins to run
  • Stands on tiptoe
  • Kicks a ball
  • Climbs onto and down from furniture unassisted
  • Walks up and down stairs holding on to support

  • Climbs well
  • Walks up and down stairs, alternating feet
  • Kicks ball
  • Runs easily
  • Pedals tricycle
  • Bends over easily without falling

  • Hops and stands on one foot up to 5 seconds
  • Goes upstairs and downstairs without support
  • Kicks ball forward
  • Throws ball overhand
  • Catches bounched call most of thetime
  • Moves forward and backward with agility

  • Stands on one foot for 10 seconds or longer
  • Hops, somersaults
  • Swings, climns
  • May be able to skip