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Language Milestones

Receptive Language
  • Turns heads towards voices
  • Tracks eyes to source of sounds
  • Responds to own voice
Expressive Language
  • Cooing
  • Babbling
  • Different types of crying for pain, hunger, etc
  • Laughs out loud

Receptive Language
  • Looks towards family members when named
  • Comprehends “no”
  • Responds to “bye bye”
  • Follows simple instruction
Expressive Language
  • Explores voice by vocal play such as yelling, squealing, rasberries
  • Uses a variety of sound combinations
  • Notice intonation in babbling
  • First word appears

Receptive Language
  • Understands and performs simple commands
  • Identifies 1 to 5 body parts
  • Responds to “bye bye”
  • Responds to simple “WH” questions
  • Identifies one to two objects from a group
Expressive Language
  • Put 1-2 words together
  • Can use posessive forms, i.e. “daddy’s chair”
  • Comprehends up to 200 words
  • First phrase
  • First sentence

Receptive Language
  • Distinguishes prepositions in and under
  • Disguishes between one and many
  • Listens to simple stories
  • Identifies objects by use
Expressive Language
  • Uses short simple sentences
  • Talks when playing along
  • Beginning to ask questions
  • Identifies objects by name and use
  • Beginning to use past tense(ed) and present progressive (ing) verbs
  • Can name three objects in picture
  • Repeats 3 digits

Receptive Language
  • Improving listening skills
  • Understands up to 1,500 words
  • 3-4 step commands
  • Understands most conversation
Expressive Language
  • Can put together 4-5 words in a sentence
  • Can carry on conversations
  • Can complete analogies such as “brother is a boy”, “sister is a girl”

Receptive Language
  • Comprehends up to 1,500-2,000 words
  • Understands and performs 3-4 step commands
  • Understands most conversation
Expressive Language
  • Speaks in complete sentences