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Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness refers to the awareness of the sound structure of language. It is the ability to manipulate and think about the structure of language. Phonological awareness is the knowledge that words are made from sounds. This can affect the following:

  • Syllabification and rhyming as discussed above are the first skills
  • Blending sounds into words such as “f–i—sh” is “fish”
  • Isolating the beginning or ending sounds in a word i.e. “fish” starts with “f” “boat” ends with “t”
  • Segmenting words into sounds i.e. “what sounds are in the word ‘dish’-d—i—sh”
  • Deleting the beginning or ending sound and telling what word remains i.e. “say ‘beat’ now say it again without the ‘b’—eat