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Apraxia of speech is a neurogenic speech disorder characterized by sensorimotor problems in positioning and sequencing the correct sounds of a word. Apraxia is not caused by muscle weakness of neuromuscular slowness. Individuals with apraxia of speech may have difficulty saying what they would like to say.

The symptoms of apraxia of speech include, but are not limited to:

  • Difficulty putting sounds and syllables together in the correct order to form words.
  • Say a difficult word correctly but then have trouble repeating it.
  • Appear to be groping for the right sound or word and may try saying a word several times before they say it correctly.
  • Incorrect use of “prosody”- that is, the varying rhythms, stresses, and inflections of speech that are used to help express meaning.
  • Can understand language much better than they are able to use language to express themselves.
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