Students who are looking for observation hours for OT ST or PT :

We welcome the opportunity to share our expertise in the field of pediatric Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy!  We give our students one of the best experiences possible in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere!  We treat our students just like our employees and involve them in every aspect of the day-to-day clinic operations.  Students leave our facility with many hours of varied clinical observations and interactions which will equip them with the skills needed to successfully apply to college programs and demonstrate the knowledge required to impress admissions programs and be ahead of the competition.  We provide strong letters of reference for those students who demonstrate excellent motivation, flexibility, interpersonal skills, and a drive to pursue to the field of Occupational, Physical, or Speech Therapy.  We dedicate ourselves to helping the future of our profession and will make ourselves available to our students as they progress with their schooling.

Here are the steps required in order to request observation hours with our clinic:

1.  Email a resume/CV with cover letter describing the details of your request, such as dates you wish to complete your hours, number of total hours needed, and preferred days/times. ​Send your email to: 

2.  We will respond and let you know if we can accommodate your requested dates and hours needed.  If we CAN, we will then set up a phone interview.

3.  After the phone interview, we will set up an in-person meeting to introduce you to staff, the setting, and provide more information on our expectations of your performance.  ​You will be required to also perform light administrative duties as needed outside of your observation hours in return for the time our therapists are providing for you.  This will be further discussed during the meeting.  ​If you will need a letter of recommendation, please let us know during your time with us so we can complete this letter by your last day.  We will only provide recommendation/reference letters to those students who complete a minimum of 30 hours with us.

4.  You will need a background check prior to beginning your observation hours.  You will also need to sign a confidentiality form in order to protect our families, employees, and business.

5.  You will be all set to learn more about the wonderful fields of Pediatric, Occupational and Physical Therapy from the best practitioners in Florida!

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